Thursday, July 24, 2003

Two good BMW R100RS sites:
3... 2... 1... and we have pumpkin liftoff! Remember those water-air rockets you played with as a kid? Well, these folks are blasting water-cooler jugs off into the wild blue yonder.

Sunday, July 13, 2003

An interesting point of view from Tim Bray: "...if you want to develop software, you can build for the Web and/or Unix and/or OSS platforms; or alternatively, you can be a sharecropper." Given that we're now using web-hosted apps at work for numerous things, the popularity of Blogger, Tax Act and the like, plus the increasing presence of high-speed internet, I think he may have a point.
The American Helicopter Society finally updated their website... it almost looks good now! I may be forced to do something more with the local site.
A Better Way to post...
Aha -- I found BlogApp and BlogScript, which make publishing stuff from either of my OS-X machines much quicker.
Here are a couple of web-finds:
  • The Creatures in my Head -- doodles from the head of Andrew Bell.
  • Some pretty good random commentary at Defective Yeti... I particularly like this one urging the adoption of the Lego brick as the standard unit of US currency.
  • The Propaganda Remix project co-opted a bunch of the WW2 posters and re-purposed them for the current war... be sure to read the drooling vitriol of the far right in response to this guy's work!
Today was the first serious mountain stage in the Tour de France, and I was worried that I'd miss it entirely -- I only get broadcast TV, and after being spoiled by Mom's satellite TV coverage last weekend, I searched all week for a friend with cable and an Outdoor Life Network (OLN) channel subscription! CBS isn't even providing weekend coverage this year, as far as I can tell.
But eureka -- Lance Armstrong's website has links to both real-time text updates at and a live webcast from Danish TV! So I was able to see the finish on Mont Ventoux, even if it was in low-res...
Well, I've been horribly negligent in keeping this up to date. I think that's mostly because I've been maintaining the weblog as pure HTML, so posting has been less spontaneous than I would like. I kept thinking that I would build a web-based content manager, but that kept getting pushed down the ever-growing stack of "wanna-do's".
So, I've finally given in -- as long as blogger is free and does what I want, I'm going to join the unwashed masses and use it. The key for me was discovering that blogger supports secure transfer to my server.
With any luck and a modicum of diligence on my part, you'll see more regular posts here!