Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Well, it's looking like Ohio and Florida will both go to Bush, putting the presidency out of reach for Kerry. I haven't seen a poll site yet that got all the key states right; neither right-leaning nor left-leaning. I hope _all_ the polls are wrong enough that Kerry comes out ahead when all the counting is truly complete, but that sounds like a pipe dream just at the moment.

Poor Tom Brokaw sounds like he wants to cry, describing the nearly-lost cause of the Kerry campaign. At the moment, Kerry would have to win every remaining state, including Nevada, and that just ain't going to happen.

But what I just can't comprehend is Florida going to Bush! Didn't the democrats in that state learn anything in 2000?

And what about the "nation's breadbasket" -- what part of "giant deficit", "incipient draft", and "disingenuous foreign policy" do those people not understand? Never mind, it's a rhetorical question. The very people who vote for Bush are those who will suffer the most under his policies.

Bunch of sheep, those folks.

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