Saturday, September 27, 2008

Day 2

We made our way out the Golden Gate and right into the fog - cold,
gray and a big Pacific swell. Heading south, we split into two 4-hour
watches and made an average of about 4 knots. With the wind nearly
dead astern, and wind light and moving about, we had a hard time
keeping the headsail filled and elected to run through the night
under just the mainsail.

No one was feeling well in the rolling swell - it was impossible to
eat or drink, and the fog made it very cold and damp. By morning, we
were all wiped out, and decided to take a break.

We came in through the fog to Stillwater Cove, which turns out to be
right under the end of the famous Pebble Beach golf course! It is nice
and calm and still, we ate and slept up and cleaned things up on the
boat. The stars are out and magnificent for the moment, until the
marine layer comes back in.

We'll head out in the morning for Port San Luis, which is likely to
take another 24 hours. Our run yesterday was about 105 miles, which
wasn't bad given the conditions.

--chad, aboard the S/V Libertine

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