Monday, September 29, 2008

Days 3-4

Last we heard from the intrepid sailors, they had put in to Stillwater
Cove... The story resumes:

We set sail in the morning, figuratively speaking; the skies remained
grey, and winds very light. Mercifully, the swell was much smaller and
easier, and the fog higher, so although we spent most of the day and
the following night under motor-power, we were able to eat and
function pretty well.

We caught a fish on Sunday, a nice albacore, who gave us a delightful
dinner one night, lunch today, and another meal yet to come.

We saw lots of wildlife - some whales in the distance, many dolphins
and porpoises came racing over to play, including some at night
leaving glowing trails of bioluminescence in their wake.

This morning brought us past Moro Bay, and into Port San Luis by
lunchtime. We anchored and had the aforementioned fish for lunch, then
took the dinghy in to shore for a beer and a shower. We got the boat
ready after dinner for the morning's passage to the Channel Islands -
we will leave around 3 am, so as to arrive at San Miguel Island before
tomorrow night.


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