Saturday, October 04, 2008

Days 7 and 8

We sailed under delightful conditions from Cuyler Cove northeast
around the corner of Santa Rosa island (catching our 3rd albacore
along the way) to anchor at Ford Point. Even in the shelter of the
anchorage, by afternoon the wind was howling 40-50 knots, blowing the
tops right off of the wave crests. Fortunately, it was blowing off
shore, so we weren't too concerned, but it sure was loud.
We left the next morning and crossed over to the northern side of
Santa Cruz island. We stopped to look at Painted Cave, a huge sea-cave
over 150 ft high and 600 ft deep. Conditions were too rough to take
the boat in the cave, though, so we continued on to Cueva Valdez, a
pretty little cove at the foot of a wooded canyon. We have it to
ourselves; it is quite calm this morning, a bit gray and drizzly at
the moment but we'll go ashore later and explore.

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