Thursday, November 06, 2008

Current Bike-Lighting Configuration

Here's what I currently have as a winter time visibility kit:

- NiteRider 15W halogen on handlebars, with sibling NiteRider taillight, both running off my home-made 12V NiMH battery pack on the back of the seat tube. I just got this working again after a 2-year hiatus, so there are some other headlights still on the bike until I'm confident in the new battery.

- Small Cateye on handlebars -- mostly a backup light, it will probably go back in my bag.

- Big Cateye (HL-500 Opticube) on the left fork -- also currently a backup.

- NiteIze SpokeLit on the front wheel -- it's a very bright green, highly visible and unusual, I really like it!

- Blackburn taillight on back of helmet - this thing is *bright*! Between it and the NiteRider taillight, I get frequent comments from other riders when they come up behind me at stoplights, such as "wow those are really visible!"

- I also have a Planet Bike Superflash; it was mounted on the seatpost (where the NiteRider is now) but it's currently a backup and living in my commute bag.

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