Friday, January 23, 2009

Buckets for Shoes

Went for a bike ride with my lovely wife this morning... we were determined to get a ride in together, despite the rain. I took my commute bike, since it was (a) already filthy from the rain earlier in the week, (b) it has bigger tires on it, nice when you can't actually see the road surface through all the water, and (c) it was already rigged with many lights and a rear fender (a front one won't fit with the big tires).

It was a really fun ride, just to be out and about -- but the lack of a front fender, when combined with a lot of water on the road, really turns the 'ol shoes into buckets! Gotta get me some new booties, pronto.

It hasn't been quite so wet going back and forth to work, earlier in the week; even when raining, the road puddles haven't been too bad.

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