Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Vintage 2-Buck Chuck

As an experiment some years back, I socked away a few bottles of Charles Shaw wine. This fine vintage, for those unaware, is sold by Trader Joe's, initially for $2.00/bottle -- hence the widely-used nickname, "2-Buck Chuck".

It's actually pretty good, for $2 wine... it costs a little more now, but it's still a good value, and perfectly drinkable on such occasions as camping trips, boat voyages, and such adventures where more delicate or costly bottles might not fare well.

So. Last week I came across a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon from 1999, and, having run out of everything better, I figured now was as good a time as any to try it out. Expectations were low, but one never knows... And now: just how good *is* a 9-year-old bottle of 2-Buck Chuck?

Well, not very. It hadn't spoiled (e.g. wasn't vinegar, yet) but it was clearly past its prime -- which was, in all likelihood, in 1999. The bottle has been relegated to cooking tasks, and will make an excellent contribution to "Anna's wine sludge"!

The next experiment: a blind tasting perhaps, of my carefully-hoarded flight of Charles Shaw Merlot, 1997-2003!

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LW said...

for shame - saving the bad wine for cooking? invest a couple bucks in chuck 2009 and you won't ruin the risotto or the beef burgundy.

but, Kudoes on an interesting blog. share the merlot tasting when you get a chance. just don't wait too long - I did an interview with the winery on their 2005 chard which took double gold at the calif state fair tasting against hundred's of much higher priced wines. My Ohio TJ had cases of it stacked up - by the time I decided to stock up it was ALL GONE!!