Friday, February 06, 2009

More bicycle wetness

Fun ride this morning, with Anna -- plenty 'o rain, but pretty out, and not too cold. We took it easy, got a few small hills in on the way over to Alpine Road, then climbed up that to the end of the pavement. It was slippery on the climb; enough that I spun the rear wheel a few times even when seated! Made for a slow and careful descent, certainly the slowest I've ever come down that road.

I almost didn't ride. I don't really *like* being cold and wet... but I was desperate to get a real ride in. Going back and forth to work just doesn't count... "junk miles" is what Anna calls 'em. I'm glad I rode, though, even if it means a serious cleaning of the bikes is now required. They are completely grimed, despite using the clip-on fenders (which seem to keep the rider somewhat cleaner/drier, but do nuthin' for the bike!)

The only downside for the day: the swoopy new Perl Izumi booties I bought to keep my feeties warm and dry, do nothing of the sort. Oh, they'd be OK in a cold wind I guess, but they sure don't do much to slow down the water. Drat.

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