Monday, June 22, 2009

The way I (sometimes) *wish* I worked

Matt Mullenweg, creator of the WordPress blogging platform, was recently featured in Inc. magazine's "The Way I Work" column... the compartmentalization he has set up between the different aspects of his work (and life) are pretty interesting. I'm not sure just anyone could achieve it, let alone command the freedom to even try half the things Mullenweg's done, but he has some insightful solutions.

Also -- one of the most interesting-looking websites I've seen in a long time. So many sites today are (rightly) all about the content, and re-use the same tired old formats as the wrapper. Mullenweg has put a really individual stamp on his envelope here!

A few things I gleaned from his post, paraphrased and/or recontextualized:
  • Real-time micro-blogging "conversation" tools (like Google's Wave, and WordPress' P2) may be the future of collaboration. OK, Wave has a lot more features built into it, but the basic ideas are pretty similar.
  • If you're crazy-busy and still want to be productive with the things you care about, offload the administrivia and get a personal assistant (or maybe two.)
  • If you need a lot of sleep to be creative/productive, arrange things to acommodate it.
  • One way to manage the cost of context-switching is to batch related tasks into larger time blocks (possibly a whole day.)

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